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Are Men The Only Customers In Strip Bars And Brothels

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Amongst the numerous myths that shroud the realm of prostitution as a practice is that the service providers are the women and the service takers are the males of the society. This is one of the most ridiculous misconceptions that can be harbored about the domain, as women in the current times are one of the most prominent clientele sections of this domain.

Male Prostitutes – An Age Old Tradition:

A little research into our past will illuminate the fact that male prostitutes have been in existence from the very early times in society. The early women did not shy away from their basic carnal cravings and hence even if they were in a matrimonial alliance, did indulge into these services that kept them happy and healthy in their lives and in their relationships. Some of these men had even been maintained as ‘keeps’ by the influential women of the societies. These men prostitutes are often referred to as the gigolos.

Modern Day Male Escorts:

Just like the female counterparts these male escorts too has to face the same norms of the industry. They are available in some of the best Barcelona brothels and Barcelona strip bars. These male escorts have a good background and are mostly educated with a decent background. These male escorts often enroll in agencies for escort services and it will be interesting to know that married middle-aged women run many of these agencies. So this is an industry in its own right that is churning a good amount of turnover at the end of every year.

Women Are recognizing Their Needs:

The carnal needs of the body is not just meant for the men of society. This is one of the facts that have been understood by the women of the current times. This is why you can see as much of women in these Barcelona brothels and Barcelona strip bars as you will see men. The women are looking ahead to have a good time and also keep their identities as best kept secrets of their service providers.

It must be remembered that quality gigolo services come at high prices. One sitting with a quality gigolo can come at quite a high price rate. They have their own agents and managers who can get you some of the best in business. So now the service of escorts and the clients who avail them, both the realms, belongs as much to the men as they do to the women.

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