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Best fetishes and kinks to try with your partner

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There is no doubt that everybody deep within got some kind of a kink. You may be wondering what exactly a kink is. We can define it as “an unusual craving in sexual practices”. For example ass whipping, using sex toys bought online, vibrators for women, sensual spanking, foot fetish, BDSM and partner swapping, etc.

The kinks are divided into 3 categories:

1) Vanilla and other common fetishes: This is the most common playful act that couples love to perform in their bedrooms. This is something which first-time players can start with and they are not very wild or tough to try out.

2) Traditional role-play scenarios – These are the most common role-play scenarios that couples use in their bedrooms. For example, the kind of foreplays you watch in the 70s porn movies – A plumber arrives at home with some Indian sex toys to fix the clogged sink or a sexy Blonde seduces the stranger who comes at the wrong address, etc.

3) Sensual outfits and lingerie – no matter it is sweaty skin-tight leggings or lacy panties, revealing clothes can easily get your partner turned on in no time and get the arousal juices flowing. Both women and men can be aroused by certain dresses and outfits related to professions such as a horny nurse, booty maid, or a sturdy plumber.

4) Rear door licking – Also known as “Rimming “and “anglings” is the process in which one person licks the clean anus of another person. Not to forget, the butthole has several sensitive nerve endings, therefore licking feels extremely good whether you are men or women.

5) Fingering – It refers to the sexual activity in which a person is sexually stimulated by fingers being inserted into the person’s genitals – usually into the vagina or anus. Make sure you must go slow and use as much lube as you can.

6) Sexually film yourself – It is the most common sensual fetish when a person films himself sexually. Just remember, when you don’t share your video with someone but you know that you are being filmed can be kinky.

7) Erotic food play – It is very common to bring food into your bedroom. You simply need to seductively suck fruits or melting chocolates from your partner’s erogenous body part. There are several aphrodisiac fruits, Female Sex Toys, and nuts that will set you up for the mood of lovemaking.

8) Oral sex- Pussy licking, 69, blowjobs, sucking… Everyone enjoys having oral sex. A lot of guys love having oral sex performed by their partners when another partner is watching a football game on TV or watching a movie.

9) Sex at different places – Have you tried to have sex out of your bedroom like in shower using sex toys in India? Or doing it in the kitchen or the stairs? Get out of your comfort! Try switching places to have more fun during sex.

10) Erotic massage – It is a kind of massage done to one’s partner while they are naked. Include some sex toys for men, massage lotions and oils while moving your hands slowly towards the sexual organs of your partner. Call-Whatsapp- 99-88-99-3264

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