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Love dolls also known as sex dolls representing human being along with human body parts such as penis-shaped dildos and vibrators, are extremely used and normalized. The lifetime advancement of vibrator use is nearly 50% for heterosexual-classified women and men in the United States and Germany. Love dolls are also famous in no cisgender and no heterosexual populations. In the modern age, Love dolls are becoming advanced in technology gradually. Vibrators having compact cameras are now obtainable which can be remotely handelled by a partner in a long-distance relationship or that can synchronize with the buyers’ digital music playlist or chose virtual reality porn. The improvement of unique love dolls is, at least in part, pushed by consumers’ demand. 

This is exhibited by crowd funding plans in which future customers want to invest money to entrepreneurs who bring new silicone sex dolls to the market. A typical usage scenario for love dolls is the domestic context in which the artifacts—after buying—are gain able for remake and long-term use at home. Some authors calculates strong positive effects of love dolls and sex robots, including social partnership, sexual exploration, enjoyment, and increased satisfaction for individuals and couples. Others, focusing on male users, predict strong negative effects in terms of objectification of and violence against women .They publish that the men using women-like love dolls or sex robots will be trained to sexually objectify real women and to disregard sexual consent. They said that women and adolescent girls, already affected by exposure to unrealistic beauty standards in the media, will feel even more insufficient when revealed to a consumer culture marketing perfectly beautiful, eternally youthful, and completely submissive female-gendered love dolls and sex robots. Most of the claims about recent and future effects of love dolls and sex robots are purely speculative so far because design studies and explorative use and effect studies are rare. 

The first so-called love doll brothels have already opened in Asia, North America, and Europe, related to strong media publicity. In love doll brothels, consumers pay an hourly fee to be in a room with a human-like love doll of their choice. Some authors argue that Asian dolls and robots used as surrogate prostitutes are a good thing as they give relief women from prostitution and could cut down sexual violence. 

Commercial short-term use of love dolls and sex robots is barely understood, but is so immensely debatable that some of the first love doll brothels in Europe, North America, and Asia had to close shortly after opening because of public protests and police raids, as reported in many news media. Sex dolls or love dolls with synthetic speech or simple motor skills, such as having the ability to move their heads, can be considered to fall in this category. Other love dolls are not robots, despite being aspiring in their materials and implementation. They often have high-quality skin, which is made of silicone or thermoplastic elements and stretched over gel inlays. Sex robots and love dolls are mostly of humanoid design with a strong orientation towards a cliché sexual figure, but other forms, for instance fantasy figures, are also available. Sex robots are social robots par excellence if one introduce these as senso-motoric machines that are made to interact with humans and have a closeness to humans. Simple silicone dolls are not social robots simply because they are not robots. 

The present contribution investigates the fields of application in which love dolls and sex robots can be utilized, particularly those which have not or hardly been considered so far such as beyond brothels and private households. producers of love dolls are experimenting with natural language skills, cameras and sensors of all kinds. Computer chips and AI applications enhance some systems. It must be emphasized that this article can build on solid empirical evidence on the one hand especially with regard to the history and characteristics of the application areas themselves repeatedly, as there are hardly any practical findings on the related robot usage. The use of love dolls and sex robots in all these fields is outlined, special features are discussed and initial ethical, legal and pragmatic considerations are made. It becomes clear that artificial love servants can create added value, but that their use must be carefully considered and prepared. 


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