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Pleasure And Health: 4 Storage Tips For Your Sex Toys

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Owning sex toys in Singapore for sexual pleasure and happiness is also a responsibility. Aside from taking notes of usage instructions and hygienic techniques for your health, storing them is one task you should take seriously. They come in materials with different conditions or characteristics that determine their quality. With this, here are some storage and organisation tips you can follow:


Treat your Tenga or any other sex toy product as your child. All joking aside, always clean them after using the necessary products and dry them before storage. First, you can use the standard soap and water, assuming they are safe for the device, and then pat them with a towel or let them dry in the air for a couple of hours. The second tip is to use specific cleaning products if the shop suggests something. Why? Some materials are high maintenance, and regular drugstore soap is not for them.


We are all for sexual positivity and breaking the stigma surrounding the use of sex toys. However, there are still people who are ignorant about the topic or judgement of anyone who uses such products. First, (especially for those living with family members) try to hide your toys in plain sight. Under the bed is one great option, but make sure you are the only one who can access the spot. The second tip is to use a discreet box or something with an opaque surface. Adding a lock is also an option for added privacy.


There is no need to use your male and female sex toys every day because that is not a requirement for the ownership, but it does help to check them from time to time because the quality might deteriorate over time. Observing them during particular times of the day is one step. It can be before you sleep or a part of your night routine to end the day. Another is dedicating time during the weekend to clean and check their quality. Do this even if you are not using them anymore.


Remembering things is what most people, well, forget when storing their panty vibratoror any other pleasure toy. Some problems include not knowing where to find them after hiding the discreet box or the number of sex toysthey own because they have not been using them for a long time. The key is to remember everything to ensure smooth and efficient storage!

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