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With a rising number of people once again choosing to use poppers such as Liquid Gold Poppers in the UK on a daily basis, today we are here to provide the public with what believe everyone should know before using poppers. Using poppers can be fun and exciting; however, it is vital that users understand what they are taking, how they should take them and the possible side effects that could occur following use. If you are currently considering buying your first bottle of poppers, or are perhaps already a poppers user, we advise you read ahead…

Poppers, also known as liquid gold, TNT, thrust, rock hard, ram, kix and amyls is a liquid chemical typically sold in a small bottle and inhaled straight from the bottle. Surrounding poppers there are many questions and now we are going to answer the most popular one’s for you! Here goes:

What do poppers look like?

Poppers is just a slang term for alkyl nitrates. They generally come in small brown bottles often that are branded with manufacturer’s details. Sometimes poppers are used for other purposes and can therefore sometimes be sold under different names include ‘room odourisers’ and ‘leather cleaner’.

What do poppers smell and taste like?

Hardcore Poppers boast an incredibly strong solvent smell – One that can be instantly recognised by avid users. Some people like this smell and others do not. As for the taste of poppers we are unsure are it is vital that you DO NOT taste poppers! Swallowing poppers is very dangerous and if this happens accidentally, medical professional assistance must be found.

How do people take poppers?

Poppers users generally inhale their poppers directly from the bottles that they come from! You can however pour some of the poppers liquid onto a cloth or rag, so that you can have a little smell whenever you want. This allows people to take poppers in public more easily.

How do poppers make you feel?

Sniffing poppers increases blood flow to the body providing the following effects:

  • As intense head rush that only lasts a few minutes
  • A heightened sense of euphoria
  • Increased sex drive and skin sensitivity

Poppers also relax the muscles in the body including the sphincter allowing for easier and more pleasurable intercourse. Many poppers users have reported that the use of poppers allowing them to hold stronger erections and longer orgasms. Poppers are also widely taken in the clubbing scene all over the world.

Are there are risks associated with poppers?

Like with any other legal high, poppers can cause health risks, especially now when used properly. It is vital that when you purchase poppers you speak with your supplier who will be able to provide you with the best advice and guidance, and also that you read all instructions at least twice. If you have any health problems you should always consult your GP before taking poppers because poppers can be dangerous for people with low blood pressure and a number of other health issues.

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