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Saving Yourself Money In the Bedroom by Getting Creative

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Buying toys in the bedroom can be super expensive. If you’re buying dildos, ropes, cuffs, balls, chains gags, vibrators it all adds up! So if you’re especially kinky or fun how does you get all the fun but save some money on what you’re doing. Especially if some toys and items might only get used once or twice. Well luckily there are a few ways to save yourself some cash.

Make Your Own

When making dildos there is obviously the safety aspect to consider. You can however use most smooth items (within reason) around the house including fruit and veg. To be extra careful use a condom on anything you insert and make sure you have something to grab so you can get it back out of you when you’re done (no-one wants anything getting stuck up there for good!)

Shop Around

Shopping for toys online usually works out cheapest as long as you don’t mind waiting a day or two for it to arrive (free shipping tends to take a little longer). So plan ahead and make sure you order early. Shopping for sex toys together can be fun so try it both online and offline. Or look in stores and then purchase the items online. Websites such as Oskexdoll provide best Japanese love doll price and list all the major ones including sexdolls and other major retailers. So always check for a code and offer before you checkout and pay, just the same as any other shipping experience.

 Make your own porn

Have some fun and make your own videos and pictures together. Just make sure there is trust and that you decide whether you will delete them or keep them afterwards. It can be a big turn on to watch yourself and your partner getting off together. Just learn how to delete items too! It’s amazing how many people don’t know how to delete from the recycle bin.

Get creative with bondage

Get rope from the hardware store or climbing store not the sex shop (just make sure its soft). Get riding crops from riding websites not bondage stores to save money. Use normal scarves instead of expensive blindfolds and cuffs. You don’t have to get expensive to give the illusion of power and play.

Remember it doesn’t have to be expensive to have fun in the bedroom. Your brain and imagination are just as powerful so play with those and try role play and other fun (free) experiences. Talk dirty and turn each other on

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