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The Health and the Sec Games

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Nicotine causes tightening of the blood vessels and decreases the flow of blood to the penis, which eventually disrupts the erection.

With moderation otherwise it is almost sure failure. A small glass that disinhibits and can help in the beginning. But excessive chronic consumption ends up having dreadful effects: lowering of testosterone (the hormone of virility), loss of control of erection. playing you can also  eroticism level essential. Read more

Drug use (hashish, cocaine): In addition to being illegal, it can affect your sexual performance.

Keep the line and watch your diet

Overweight can be accompanied by blood circulation problems and a drop in your testosterone levels that will ultimately affect your ability to have erections. Several studies have shown that a BMI (body mass index) greater than 28.7 increases the risk of impotence by 30%.

Watch out for your cholesterol: choose good fats (fish, olive oil, nuts, rapeseed) and escape saturated fats that increase bad cholesterol (fat meat, sausages, whole milk products, eggs) and clog the arteries.

Some exercises

  • It promotes the production of endorphin, the hormone of pleasure and well-being.
  • It helps reduce excess weight.
  • He relaxes and chases stress.
  • It improves your cardiovascular system and your blood circulation.

For example, do 30 minutes of swimming, brisk walking or running a day. Are you a bit of a bike? To facilitate blood circulation in your genitals, adjust your saddle well: neither too high nor too low. Ideally, your legs should always be bent even at the lowest point of the pedals.

Good to know

In the morning, your manhood is at the top, after a good night’s sleep, the testosterone level is at its maximum, which should make things easier. Spice up your relationship: routine, the routine, boredom, can prevent erection. Vary the positions, be inventive.

The pleasure of the feminine is a sacred little player: one shot you are moaning as in an erotico-romantic comedy, the other you are surprised and you wonder if your crotch really works. Whether your enjoyment is infrequent or missing, we have gathered for you the best advice from different specialists on how to climb to seventh heaven.

Forget the pleasure. The more you want to reach it, the more difficult it will be to achieve your goal. Take pleasure, give in to your feelings, and find out where you like to be touched and what kind of touch makes you lose your senses.

Since there are thousands of nerve connections, the area is easily irritable. Many women describe the situation as follows: they feel that they are on the verge of reaching orgasm then everything stops. If this is your case, try to touch you around your clitoris.

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