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The Right Snaps with the Sexual Options

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Whether we receive or give, passivity is the enemy of pleasure. The movements of a caressing or responding body should be akin to a dance. They can be fluid, sometimes mild, sometimes intense, or barely perceptible, but should always be present. The movements of the body allow being much more receptive. They also express which caresses arouse the most pleasure and allow asking even more. With the SexOnSnap the options are the perfect options.

In contrast, the fear of moving and expressing desire or pleasure slows the onset of excitement. Surrender to the movement of the body awakens ideas, emotions and thoughts, and even more desire.


Vary the positions. You can also explore the back of the body, the hollow of the arms, the “tender” thighs. To obtain books like the classic 101 positions of love can serve as inspiration and subtly to understand to his partner that one would like more fantasy. When overcoming his embarrassment, the register of positions can become surprisingly broad. But we must remember that it is not acrobatics that is sought after, but creative exploration.

  • Vary the places. Start in the kitchen, continue in the living room and finish in the room. Stealth caresses in the car when returning from the cinema or, discreetly, under the table of the restaurant can be a nice prelude. In a desert wheat field, with an old thick blanket.

Vary the schedule. Why not make love in the afternoon (and, if necessary, tell the children not to disturb mom and dad during their “nap”)? Or in the morning when the testosterone level of man is at its peak (having taken care to set the alarm clock 30 minutes earlier)? With age, the male biological rhythm would also be more favorable to morning relationships than evening ones.

The Results for You

From all these results, it appears, despite some divergences attributable to methodological differences, that the genital excitation is mainly characterized by an activation of the areas involved in the autonomic response, namely the posterior hypothalamus and the rostral part of the anterior cingulate gyros. Subjective excitation (emotional phase associated with the pleasure experienced by the perception of physical changes) seems to be characterized by activation of the insula, pre-central and post central gyros and secondary somatosensory areas, thus reinforcing the theory of somatic markers.

  • The motivational components of sexual arousal seem to be underpinned by the anterior cingulate gyros (caudal part), the lustrum, the nucleus acumens, and the intraparietal lobe. The cognitive phase of the treatment of erotic stimuli (evaluation and mental imagery) is, in turn, associated with the activation of the superior and intraparietal parietal cortex.
  • All these studies show that both the physical and subjective mechanisms of sexual arousal involve associative areas of high cognitive level. However, the precise distinction between physical arousal, subjective arousal, and sexual desire still needs to be clarified. To do this, the brain neuroimaging study of patients suffering from desire or excitation disorders could provide considerable answers.

Recently, a PET study of a man with hypoactive sexual desire revealed (in comparison with a control group) the disruption of the secondary somatosensory cortex and the inferior parietal lobe, as well as the anterior cingulate gyros and frontal lobes.


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