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Things Men Share Online but Not with You

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When it comes to the internet and social media, you may well agree with the words that say, “women are from Venus, men are from Mars.”

Generally, women use social media to stay connected to their loved ones. Men, however, generally use these platforms to acquire information needed to network.

When it comes to who uses social media more than the other, women take the top spot. This is because women tend to use almost all social media platforms, unlike men who avoid visual-based platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Women are likely to post lots of portrait shots, while men prefer full body pictures.

When it comes to comments and remarks, men often use negative responses more than women. Men may respond in a more straight-forward manner while women tend to use positive, emotional words.

Politics & Football

Studies conducted have found that male topics on social media include words related to sports, politics, and competition. Men hold aggressive conversations online and are fact-oriented with minimum to no use of emoticons.

With the rise of gambling sites, men often take to social media and indulge in open discussions on football bets and trade with each other.

Others take time to share and discuss politics. They hold long text conversations, everyone, trying to justify their cause for support.

Work & Relationships

Ordinarily, men care less about what they post online. You are likely to find posts related to work on male users’ profiles. Results from relevant studies show that men are focused on forming new relationships while women focus on maintaining existing ones.

Also, with the help of technology and the internet, both men and women can connect and build relationships, with men taking the most advantage and using these platforms to obtain more contacts.

Men are also aware of their negative response nature on social media, and because of this, they join dating sites like happymatches.com which offers you a private platform to meet new people and build new relationships.

Anger & Disappointment

It’s not rare to find posts online of people complaining about things. Men quickly build rage, and social media happens to offer them a platform to release their anger. Men form a chat group, and 70% of these chats are likely complaint-related.


Another part of the technological world that men love is bragging on social media about who has the coolest “toys,” as the majority of women would put it.

While women love showing self-appreciation by posting numerous pictures of themselves, men are more focused on cars, gaming consoles, workout videos, football highlights, and etc.

Men find comfort in sharing their hobbies online with the hope of attracting other online users with similar taste and style.


Women and men communicate differently, both in real life and on social media. They prefer specific platforms, use language differently, and post different things. Men are more likely to be part of trolling groups and often use aggressive words and grammar. Male language use also happens to be more possessive.

Below is a chart I made related to how men and women differ on what they share on social media:

1. Find information Connect with people
2. Text platforms Visual platforms
3. Abstract topics Personal issues
4. Portrait photos Full-body shots
5. More emoticons Longer words


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